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CT Internal Medicine and Allergy is the type of practice that is becoming increasingly rare: a private practice where you will always have the same doctor attending to your needs. At CT internal medicine and allergy, we aim to make your experience as relaxed as possible while giving you the best medical care in Connecticut.

Why Are We Unique?

CT Internal Medicine and Allergy practices primary care internal medicine as well as caring for people ages four and up with allergies and asthma.

For the patient, that means he can address many of his medical issues with one doctor in one place. In addition, most of our patients have their labwork drawn and processed right at our office and transferred to the laboratory, eliminating the need to go sit and wait at a lab. We also make every effort to keep patients' waiting time to a minimum, understanding that your time is as important as ours.

CT Internal Medicine & Asthma Allergy
CT Internal Medicine and Allergy
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